By - Frank Leon

After reading countless rankings on pro wrestlers, I decided that I could not take any more rankings this year. Too many times, the rankings are based on subjective things like where they work (WWE, AEW, NXT are given higher rankings, understandably so but still) and from rumblings, sometimes they are given placement because of money given? So, in order to maybe right some wrongs, I have come up with a list of indie wrestlers (not signed or booked with WWE, AEW, ROH, Impact, NJPW) that I believe deserve attention in 2020. This is based on their body of work from 2019, including in-ring, self-promotion, viral videos and just generally drawing attention to their character or their promotions. And in no way is this a ranking. This list will be in random order because everyone is equal in terms of working for a higher goal in my book. 

This list is a suggestion for fans to look out for these names when they are in your area or their matches are offered online and you do not know if they are worth watching. No one has paid me to make this list. This is also a completely subjective list. Most of these performers have been people I have seen in the Northeast so people in other parts of the country will have different lists and that is cool! I am a fan who just happens to work in pro wrestling and get to see these talented people perform on a weekly basis at different promotions. And if you are a fan or worker who has suggestions about who was left off the list or are angry about someone being on the list, you’re more than welcomed to tweet us or DM us. Now that I am done with the rambling part of this, let’s get to the fun!