Michael Sesko


       Growing up a huge wrestling fan since the age of 5, Michael would go to the local video store and rent VHS tapes of wrestling and spend hours watching them. Towards his early teen years Michael would be in various bands and would also be involved in backyard wrestling. During this time he would always have a camera and whether it be filming and editing footage of the shows and tours or putting together there own "wrestling tv show" Michael always had a passion for film. Years later Michael would start his first production company "Dino Mike Productions" and begin the journey to where he is now filming live concerts and making music videos. Along the ride he would meet Andrew Khellah and the two where instant friends especially on their shared love of wrestling. 

          Within months and along with Oneil Andrews, they created the foundation of what is now GO Professional Wrestling. Michael became the Executive Producer for GPW and now films/edits and help produce a variety of independent companies as well as GPW's own original content.