Noel DiMaggio


            A lifelong fan of professional wrestling, Noel took the steps necessary to train and compete in the ring. Having done so for about a year before returning back to regularly scheduled life, this gives him a unique view on the ring as well as the psychology that goes into creating a match. With these skills, it allows for perfect placement for action, drama, intensity and showstopping moments to be caught on camera and remembered forever.
            The journey into photography is a relatively short one. Always wanting a nice camera, but never being able to justify the cost, Noel settled for a cheap point and shoot, but once he had realized that he loved taking photos that can stir emotions, he decided to put down the money on a decent DSLR and the real fun began. Noel immersed himself into learning all that he can about photography and cinematography, always striving to learn something new and expand his skill set. He realized that the item in your hands is just a tool and it's up to you to use it to it's full capabilities. This has let him travel all over the country and behind the scenes at some pretty incredible events.